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PEMF (Pulsating Electromagnetic Frequency) TREATMENTS

GET HIGH NATURALLY! Detox your body, boost your mood, burn calories, and get glowing skin. Our Infrared, PEMF, and Red Light devices are here to elevate your daily health and beauty rituals. From detox and weight loss to recovery and relaxation, our biohacking technologies transform your wellness routine.

Temporary Relief of Muscle and Joint Pain

PEMF Helps with Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

Supplements the Reduction of Migraines

Temporarily Increase Local Circulation Where Applied

Helps the Relief of Symptoms of Depression

Supports Efforts to Stimulate Bone Recovery


$1.50 a min - 10-30 mins (or with IV Treatment $1.00 per minute)

CALL TO BOOK NOW! (570) 832-8660

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